Reseller Rules

Terms and Conditions for Resellers

This section is meant to remind you that you are responsible for paying us in full by the due date if any reseller has purchased Guest Posts from us. Links in posts that have not been paid for by the due date will be withdrawn and reinstated after payment has been received.

If your links were taken down from your post, why was that?

To clarify, if a reseller has received an invoice after the links have gone live, they will have three business days to settle the bill. If they miss the payment date, their content will be removed without further notice. To put it another way, your posts were deleted due to a payment problem. Each and every one of your clients must abide by this policy. It's a hard and fast rule that applies to everyone.

It's unclear why adhering to the site list is mandatory for you.

Additionally, before delivering articles, it is recommended that you always check our site list to acquire a price concept about all of our sites. This is because our prices are the lowest on the market and cannot be negotiated. In addition, the decisions made by the sites' administrators can cause price increases or decreases on some sites. For this reason, you should monitor the site's index. I am writing this letter in the hopes that it will prevent any future problems between you and us.

Proceeding With Prepayment

If your total order value is projected to be less than US$30-US$50, the Pre-Payment won't be required. However, prepayment is required for orders totaling $100 or more, and after we get it, we'll distribute active links as soon as feasible. As previously said, you need to subscribe to our site's mailing list to get the most up-to-date information on our rates.

Request for New or Removed Links or Specialty Edits

Taking content from our sites in exchange for a live link is fine, but if you later discover that the content has been modified in some way, such as by the addition of an unknown backlink, you cannot ask us to remove the modified link. Since we do niche-edit on our existing articles, if you want your post to be exempt from niche-edit/link insertion, you need let us know when you send it to us and pay an additional fee. Following a discussion of your backlink with us, we will agree on a price.